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Smart LED Lighting From Home To Agriculture And Business
May 31, 2018

The rapid application of LEDs is just one of the great lighting changes that people will see in home, business and everyday life in the coming years. In fact, connectable LED lighting systems are about to revolutionize people's overall indoor experience.

Smart LEDs have opened up another journey as lamps. Of course, energy efficiency and long service life are the obvious advantages of LEDs and they also play a significant role in market acceptance. But luminaires are extremely advanced lighting devices, including LEDs and MCUs with integrated RF receivers. Wireless devices connect the lamps to each other to form a larger network, providing more advantages than saving energy.

With the advent of interconnected lighting systems, excessive lighting will quickly become a thing of the past. People will no longer need shades, wall lights and other home fixtures to scatter unwanted light. The small size of the LED allows the fixture to be integrated into the surrounding environment in an unobtrusive and inconspicuous manner - when the light goes out, it is almost invisible.

As more and more smart LEDs are deployed to where people live and work, these new large-scale interconnected lighting platforms will greatly improve our indoor life. LED lighting technology has the advantages of energy saving, agricultural benefits and important health protection, as well as many other pending developments. It will certainly change our indoor experience.