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Technology And Characteristics Of LED Lamps
Jul 17, 2017

The so-called LED lamps, as the name implies, refers to the use of LED lighting products (light-emitting diode, light-emitting Diode) technology as the main source of light. LED is a solid-state semiconductor component that uses current to flow into a semiconductor n junction, by combining the negatively charged electrons in the semiconductor with the two kinds of carrier with a positive electric hole, and producing photon emission, different kinds of LEDs emit light from infrared to blue, from Violet to ultraviolet. In recent years, the new development is the Blu-ray led coated with fluorescent powder, the blue led into white LED products. This operation generally needs to be paired with a driving circuit (led driver) or power supply (supply), and the main function of the drive circuit or power supply is to convert the AC voltage to a DC power supply, while simultaneously completing the voltage and current that is compatible with the led to drive the matched components.

LED Lamps light bulb small size, light weight, and epoxy encapsulation, can withstand high-intensity mechanical impact and vibration, not easy to break, and the brightness attenuation cycle is long, so its service life can be up to 50,000-100,000 hours, far more than the traditional tungsten bubble 1,000 hours and fluorescent tube 10,000 hours. Because the use of LED lamps can reach 5 ~ years, so not only can greatly reduce the cost of replacement lamps, but also because of its minimum current can drive the luminous characteristics, in the same lighting effect, the power consumption is only fluorescent lamp one-second, so led also has the advantages of saving electricity and energy. However, because some of the LED technology is not enough, so at first the use of the shortcomings of the lamp, including light quality (color, consistency, color temperature) is poor, heat dissipation is not easy, and the price is high, and the improper heat dissipation, will lead to the brightness of LED lamps and circuit 0 components of the service life accelerated attenuation. Manufacturing technology leaps and bounds, the above shortcomings, including led thermal resistance gradually reduced, light quality is also improving. 2008, in addition to led Baileng luminous efficiency has reached $number LM, and led warm white light luminous efficiency, is expected in 2010, also can from the LM raised to $number LM. Compared with other general light sources, the tungsten LM, fluorescent fluorescent lamp about 45~60 LM, hid lamp about $number LM, led light-emitting efficiency has obviously been gradually advantage.