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The Application Of LED Light Source In Automobile Lighting Market And The Existing Development Problems
May 11, 2018

At present whether the automotive lighting market can successfully replace the LED headlamps, the key lies in the cost. For example, flagship vehicles in manufacturers have a high willingness. If LED is used in economical cars, it still needs certain market investigations, such as consumers' willingness to buy this car and relatively high cost control.


    If the market demand is not large, then the economic car will not have market demand for the application of LED lights, and there will be an explosion in the demand for larger markets. However, the automotive industry is also experiencing an era of new energy design changes, which will have a greater impact on the design of the vehicle. In particular, intelligent LED lights will adapt to this new automotive design system.


    The domestic automotive lighting market is still waiting to see the status of the lights. More market layout is mainly concentrated in the aftermarket. The main problem is the relative lack of technology. However, with the LED companies in the automotive lighting market layout companies to join, this market situation will be changed.


    Current low-price and lack of industry standards in the market of post-installation companies have caused certain confusion in the sales of products in the market. Many LED companies' funds are difficult to turn around, resulting in circulation of funds, especially the flow of funds from packaging companies. Concerns, so the development of the status of the LED light source market, but also need to look at market trends and needs in order to continue to break down.