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The Difference Between LED Ceiling Lamp And LED Panel Light
Jan 01, 2018

LED Ceiling lamp is generally installed in the room interior, the appearance of the lamp design for the upper level, installed close to the roof, like adsorption on the roof, it is called LED ceiling lamp. and LED panel lights are more diverse, there are flat-type LED panel lights, embedded LED panel lights, ceiling-type LED panel lights, hanging-type LED panel lights, round led panel lights, round-top LED panel lights, because the ceiling-type panel lamps are more commonly used, often also known as ceiling lamps, so often be confused.

Different installation methods: LED panel lamp has two kinds, one is directly installed in the ceiling; There is only one ceiling lamp, with expansion screws fixed chassis.

Different shapes: LED panel lights have little shape, only rounded, square. Ceiling lamp now has different shapes and different patterns for customers to choose.