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The Rise Of New Power Of Interior Lighting LED Panel Lamp
Mar 06, 2018

In recent years, the LED indoor lighting market is gradually expanding, and various new lamps and lanterns for indoor lighting are constantly emerging. LED panel lamp, which is widely used in indoor lighting, gets the attention of enterprises and consumers, and develops in the indoor lighting market.

"From the market point of view, the LED panel lamp has shown great vitality in both domestic and commercial photos. Their applications include hotels, hotels, franchised stores, supermarkets, conference rooms, etc. ". The LED panel light produced by Rishine is light and light, and has the function of eye protection. Therefore, it is also widely used in offices, hospitals, libraries and other fields.

From the concept of lighting design, the use of LED panel lights is more scientific and reasonable than other lamps. Under the action of the light emitting principle of the light guide plate side, the light emitted by the panel lamp passes through the highly permeable light guide plate to form a uniform plane luminous effect, which is better coordinated with the surrounding environment.

LED panel light interior space is very abundant, so the design of the light source is also very flexible, can increase or decrease the brightness of lamp to change the lamp panel, we also can according to customer's requirements to configure different lighting schemes, which according to the different needs and environment change color adjustment..

It is mostly used in places like ceilings, walls and counters according to the luminescence characteristics of the LED panel lamp. In the installation design, the panel lamp is divided into two main categories: the chandelier lamp holder and the embedded wall lamp. No matter what kind of design, the panel lamp can be completely melted into the wall, and the occupancy of the outer space is very small.

With these advantages, LED panel light has become a new force rising in the indoor lighting market, and its good lighting effect and beautiful appearance also add a lot to its market application.

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