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The Solution Of The School LED Lighting System
Mar 06, 2018

School LED lighting system is designed to provide a comfortable and scientific light environment for the school, how the school lighting system is scientific, and has a good environment, so that students receive a better education in the modern school buildings, all of this is the constant pursuit of architectural design personnel. At present, in addition to the traditional lighting, teaching area mostly adopts slides, films, projectors, TV and other audio-visual equipment with teaching; teaching in the daytime, evening students can self-study, therefore, the design of school lighting system is particularly important, the Rishine lighting manufacturers provide engineering support schemes of LED lamps:


Library lighting: LED panel lights are used in most school library lighting


Classroom lighting: general classroom lamps and lanterns will choose panel lights or lamp tubes, grille lights, such as several, mainly look at the school design supporting standards.


Luminaire for teachers' office: LED panel lamp

Haining Rishine LED Lighting CO.,LTD

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