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This Wave Of Rising Tide Is Required
Mar 23, 2018

Since the end of 2016, the wave of price rise that had been spawned due to the soaring price of raw materials began. Over the past year, LED panel lights will hear news of price increase.

Increase the price, or let the industry accelerate the survival of the fittest. In the face of rising prices of raw materials, those large and powerful funds and powerful enterprises have certain ability to resist risks and have certain scale advantages. They can still survive under the situation of diluted unit profits. On the contrary, those small businesses with backward production capacity, low equipment capability and no technical support will be struggling. In a long and fierce market competition, it is easy to fail because they are hard to resist high cost, until they are eliminated. It is foreseeable that those companies with brand and strength will win in this protracted war. In the future, the concentration of industry will also be accelerated.

Price rises, or bring opportunities to brand enterprises. As it said above, the rising tide has left many small businesses with weaker compression ability, and who will share the share of their market share? Of course, they are those who survive and have a certain strength. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of the price rise must also have to look at the position. It is unfortunate for small and weak enterprises, and it is no doubt a new opportunity for the enterprises of strength. If at this time, the enterprise can take the correct market strategy, accurate force, may be expected to further expand the market share.

Increase the price, or add value to the stock of the channel merchants. It is undeniable that most businesses hear the price rise, and most of them are nervous because it will bring more pressure to their own business. However, for those who have more stock in stock, the price increase is more advantageous to them than the disadvantages. Due to the increase in stock, the business pressure is relieved to a certain extent, and the overall profit space is also raised accordingly.

In the current market is more and more mature, more and more mature technology era, Rishine lighting as a second tier domestic lighting brand, always stick to their own bottom line, is not involved in the disorder of the price war, to prove himself with time.

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