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Three Aspects To Choose High-quality LED Lamps And Lanterns
Nov 17, 2017

Three aspects to choose high-quality LED lamps and lanterns

First, if there's no flash of light. Ordinary fluorescent lamp power supply frequency is about 50 hertz, and this means that when the light emitting dark 100 times per second, so it belongs to low-frequency frequency flash, but also will make the human eye regulatory organs in a tense state of adjustment, and then easily lead to visual fatigue. If the light frequency to increase to hundreds, tens of thousands of Hertz above the high frequency, so the eye will not flash feeling; but it really is no flash or DC power semiconductor device (such as the LED light emitting diode) light is also known as no flash, so consumers in the purchase of the LED lamp, we must pay special attention to this point.

Second, the light spectrum of LED lamp is without ultraviolet light and infrared light. Because of excessive ultraviolet radiation, it is not only very easy to cause keratitis, but also damage the lens, retina, choroid and so on. The infrared rays are also easily absorbed by water, while excessive infrared rays will be absorbed by large numbers of eyes when the lens is gathered.

Third, the color temperature of LED lamps must be close to natural light. Because people live in the natural light for a long time, the human eye has a strong adaptability to natural light, and the visual effect is good. Because the LED lamp color temperature is a lot, there are white light, Leng Baiguang, warm light and so on, so consumers in the purchase, must pay attention to choose a suitable for themselves, looks the most comfortable light color temperature, and then will not cause harm to the eyes.

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