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Unique Advantages Of Intelligent LED Panel Light
Oct 28, 2017

Unique advantages of intelligent LED panel light

The focus of competition this year will focus on the LED panel light efficiency and light appearance, LED panel lights and certain innovation space, coupled with the LED panel light material environmental protection, low power consumption, light emitting efficiency and light uniformity and other unique advantages, has a certain market space.

The smart LED panel light developed by the Latin American also has its unique competitive power:

First, the world's original patent technology, to subvert the traditional normal lighting and emergency lighting (safety) concept, the perfect combination of both, so that each of which can be turned into emergency lights, to give consumers a more secure care;

Second, replacing traditional lamps, saving more than 85%;

Third, sudden disaster, power supply interruption, lamps will be automatically lit to warn consumers;

Fourth, emergency lighting, automatic identification switch or power grid blackout, power failure automatically lit;

Fifth, arbitrary remote control, power failure, you can use any household (infrared) remote control to achieve the opening, closing and dimming function.

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