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What Are The Advantages Of LED Panel Lighting?
Jun 09, 2018

Nowadays, when we enter the shopping mall, hotel and other places, the traditional fluorescent lamp has no longer exist, instead of the large use of the LED panel lamp, because the LED panel lamp is very cost-effective and practical. Besides the main advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, its product has a light and luminous performance. Good, long life. What are the advantages of LED panel lighting? Today, Hua Hui Lighting will tell you a little bit.

1, the panel light as a dot luminous body, designers through point, line and surface flexible design, bring more creative visual effect. This is more prominent in the pursuit of beauty.

2. Uniform reflective panels and sealed design are adopted, with high efficiency light guide plate and aluminum alloy material. The luminous effect is uniform and the range of lighting is more extensive. Its appearance is light and thin with complete cooling function, less power and long life.

The LED panel lamp produced by Hua Hui Lighting of LED panel lamp is a green lighting technology with less power consumption and less mercury and less waste. The lamp body uses high thermal conductivity high quality aluminum material border, the surface spraying or anodic oxidation treatment, the light guide plate is imported MITSUBISHI, the light guide rate is high, and the import diffusion plate is used. High transmittance, soft and uniform light effect, no dark area.

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