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What Are The Advantages Of LED Panel Lights?
Oct 20, 2017

What are the advantages of LED panel lights?

1, compared with ordinary lamps, LED panel light luminous flux is higher, integral and modular LED lamps are very popular, especially with the continuous improvement of LED light effect, LED panel lamp in the future is more expected.

2, color rendering is good, lighting quality is guaranteed. LED panel lamp using LED light high color phosphor; using mixed blue red or amber chip package, color light with high color, so the color of its high color reduction, more real, more bright objects in the irradiation.

3, good reliability. LED panel light with LED as a light source, as a cold light source LED has the incomparable advantages of ordinary light source, especially in reliability, LED long life, low maintenance rate, excellent reliability.

4, price return advantage. Although the LED panel light higher than the price of ordinary lighting, but in the long run, shopping malls, supermarkets and other places lighting lighting for a long time, the lamp, LED panel lights to save electricity more than ordinary lamps, from the maintenance point of view, LED panel lamp life is longer, LED panel light moderate price, no need to be replaced frequently, this extra spending a maintenance cost is saved.

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