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What Are The Main Components Of The LED Panel Light Structure?
Feb 18, 2018

LED backlight as a derivative of LED lamps with the development of the industry, because the LED panel lighting uniformity, no glare, exquisite structure, has been a lot of consumers, is the modern indoor fashion lighting new trend. Now let's take a look at the main components of the LED panel light:

① Rear Cover Plate

This rear cover plate is mainly used to seal the lamp body uses, for the metal aluminum material, the general use 1060 Aluminum, the visual view overall texture is stronger, because is the aluminum material reason, also can play the function which the heat dissipation.

② Aluminum Frame

In the selection of aluminum frame, mainly based on customer choice of products to design and use. The first is aluminum extrusion die forming aluminum frame, this kind of frame surface effect is good, the heat dissipation effect is OK; the second is to adopt the aluminum frame formed by the compression axis, this type of framework IP protection level is guaranteed, the effect of sealing light is OK. LED Panel lights The overall appearance of the effect is very perfect, although the cost is more expensive than the first, but mainly in accordance with the customer's order or after the trial to arrange to advance to the customer, the most important thing is always to meet the different customer demand for product quality.

④led Light Source

Many LED panel lamp manufacturers in the use of LED light source is basically used SMD3528, of course, led panel lamp manufacturers face The dynamic market, we need to meet the actual situation of different customers on the design of the specific needs of the product, which is also our focus on quality, Focus on the LED panel lights one of the important factors.

④ Reflective Paper

The main use of reflective paper in the component of LED panel light is to reflect the light on the back of the guide plate, reflecting the light on the back of the light guide plate to improve the luminous efficiency, generally for RW250. Its importance is also high quality LED panel light components, not to be omitted.

⑤ Drive power supply

At present, the choice of drive power is mainly based on customer's demand, for example, if foreign buyers want to buy your LED panel lights, then all of your components must meet the buyer in the country's quality certification standards, so, LED panel lights choose the choice of driving power is two, one is constant current drive power , this comparison is suitable to go to the domestic market, and one is constant pressure and constant-current mode of driving power, although the cost is high, but this can move to the international market, foreign trade and exports without any problems.

⑥ Diffusion Plate

In the LED panel lights on the choice of diffusion board, we from the promotion of LED Panel light Guide plate effective transmittance to weigh the choice, is generally the choice of acrylic material to do diffusion plate, the transmittance can reach 92%, acrylic product weakness is not strong anti-aging ability, The advantage is that the transmission efficiency is better than other materials for the diffusion plate.

⑦ Guide Plate

In the entire component of the LED panel lamp, light guide plate is a relatively important position, similar to the CPU in the computer mainframe, of course, the function of the Light guide plate is to make the whole panel lamp luminous effect to achieve a uniform effect, in the product functional requirements, the need for the dot-guide plate for excellent design, There is also the use of the plate is also necessary to note that the most important thing is that the transmittance must reach the requirements of product shipments, the choice of plate suppliers also need to be cautious, pay attention to the function of the procurement of strict testing, so as to ensure the production of high-quality LED panel lamp products.