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What Are The Types Of LED Panel Lights?
Jan 12, 2018

What are the types of LED panel lights?

The application of lighting source of different places are different, such as the use of LED panel lights ordinary incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamp is mainly used in the home, classroom, office buildings and other space height of 4 meters places of the lighting; mainly used in gyms, supermarkets and workshop floors in 4 to 9 meters in places such as the lighting power the light source and a larger volume of high intensity discharge lamp. In order to get enough height for the working face and save electricity, fluorescent light is usually the first choice for home, school, store and office lighting.

The classification of LED panel lights: LED panel lights are commonly used: LED panel lights, LED panel lights, cover the ball tip oblate LED panel lights, LED panel lights, semi spherical semi flat spherical LED panel lights, LED panel lights, small rectangle cover.

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