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What Is A LED Flicker? What Is The Stroboscopic Effect Of The LED Lamp?
Dec 15, 2017

What is a LED flicker? What is the stroboscopic effect of the LED lamp?

The LED lamp flashes refers to two concepts.

One is strobe: the depth of the fluctuation of the luminous flux of the electric light source, the greater the depth of the wave, the greater the depth of the stroboscopic depth.

The two is the stroboscopic effect: the negative effect of the electric light flicker on human vision. The greater the stroboscopic depth is, the greater the negative effect, the more serious the damage is.

Stroboscopic and stroboscopic effects have a direct relationship with the type of electric light source and its technical performance. The frequency and stroboscopic effect of electric light source with different kinds and different technical properties are different.

Stroboscopic is actually a stimulant perception of the light source to the eye. The perception of a human eye to the stroboscopic of a light source depends mainly on the amplitude and frequency of the luminance of the light source. The luminance amplitude of the light source is usually represented by the amplitude modulation percentage and its luminance value. The experimental results show that the different frequency of the light source makes the human eye perceptible that the threshold percentage of the strobe amplitude modulation is different.

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