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What Is The Installation Process Of The LED Flat Lamp?
Jun 15, 2018

Why is the use of LED flat lamps getting wider and wider? In fact, it has many advantages, such as energy saving, environmental protection, convenient control, long service life and wide range of application. Although we are using this LED flat light, we still don't know much about its installation process.

First, put the head of the screw into the hole of the back cover of the lamp, slide the screw into the hole part, and then use the cross plate to clip into the lid.

Two, the screw rod should be aligned with the hole of the power supply structure. If it is found to be uneven, it should be adjusted.

Three, remember to tighten the screws and nuts and fix the box and the power supply.

Four, power supply and LED flat light must be connected well, in the process of connection must pay attention to, can not use brute force.

Five, the LED flat panel lamp LED flat light is embedded in the ceiling, and the power supply is connected with the plug, and the light is turned on, and the lamp can be used.

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