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What Points Do LED Panel Lights Need To Master In Design?
Aug 24, 2018

1. Choose diffuser board: Now many manufacturers will choose to use smoothed diffuser board in the design, but this kind of diffuser board static electricity is large, easy to appear in the production process, and a long time will be through various ways into the lamp body, resulting in intensive lighting. But some people will choose to use double-sided diffusive plate, this diffusive plate is very good light guide, static electricity is small, and can avoid dust into the lamp, but its light transmittance is only 85-88%.

2. It is better not to use viscose when gluing reflective paper on the smooth surface, because the glue is very easy to absorb light, which will lead to a bright edge on the smooth surface.

3, the choice of LED Panel Lights bulbs: the best choice of high efficiency lamps, because the side of the panel lamp in heat dissipation and luminous flux output are limited, if the power is too large, it will have a certain impact on the heat dissipation.

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