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What's The Difference Between The Side Panel Light And The Bottom Panel Light?
Oct 20, 2017

What's the difference between the side panel light and the bottom panel light?

2 kinds of methods have advantages and disadvantages, the difference between bottom emitting panel light in structure and there is no side emitting light guide plate, light guide plate (PMMA) general light rate of around 93%, the bottom panel light emitting lamp due to diffusion and PC lamp interval greater distance between the plates is large, so in the light of it will not form a dark area. Side emitting panel light lamp light through the light guide plate reflecting film reflection after irradiation, through the light guide plate so there will be some loss of luminous flux. The disadvantage of the bottom panel lamp is that the thickness of the lamp is in the direct range of 3.5cm-5cm, the side light is generally between 8mm-12mm, and the thicker side panel lamp is thicker. The advantages of bottom emitting panel light is higher than the same lamp side emitting luminous flux, so the bottom emitting panel light can do bigger power, lower cost, relative price should be higher.

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