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Why Does The Hospital Choose Led Panel Lights?
Sep 14, 2017

   With the development of hospital interior lighting, the use of LED panel lights in the lighting market has a very high occupancy rate, and has become the preferred lighting in many hospitals interior lighting. Why is the LED panel light so fast that it becomes the new favorite of lighting fixtures? Naturally, the light, the comfort and the brightness uniformity of the light can not be separated from it. In order to be applicable to more occasions besides hospital interior lighting, there are more than one dimension of LED panel lamps, so how should we choose?

   If the hospital ward is smaller, so the best you can choose 600*600-25W, if you choose too bright lamps, so it will seem very harsh; less space, the lamp size is too large will make the space seem incongruous, there is a feeling of oppression.

   If the ward is larger, then it is best to choose 600*600-36W or elegant appearance, so that the entire office will be bright, will not appear darker or uneven illumination phenomenon.

   If the room is rectangular, then it is best to choose 300*600-18W, 30*1200-36W, yes, but by comparison, 30*1200-36W is more often used in corridors and other places.

   Finally, remind you to choose LED panel light size, it is best to according to the actual situation of the room, such as area, shape, use and so on to choose the size of the lamps and lanterns.

   Because the LED panel lamp is low carbon, environmental friendly, energy saving and long service life, more hospital interior lighting users have abandoned the traditional lamps and began to use the LED panel lamp. Although the advantages of LED panel lights are great, they also affect their normal use because of their improper use in daily life. Well, today we come to understand the hospital interior lighting LED panel lights affect the normal use of what factors?.

   Factor 1, heat dissipation effect: as LED panel light is in use, it is unavoidable to produce heat. If the effect of lamp cooling is not good, the internal temperature is too high, thus damaging the LED panel light.

   Factor 2: partial short-circuit of the LED power supply path: the voltage of the power supply path is increased due to a circuit fault or a short lead, thus affecting the LED flat light.

   Factor 3, if the interior of the lamp is filled with water, and the water will conduct electricity, this will cause the lamp to be burned out, which will lead to short circuit.

   Factor 4, if the lamp itself has quality problems, but also to protect the line short circuit phenomenon.

   Factor 5, when the power supply voltage suddenly rises, then the power supply voltage will suddenly rise, such as power quality problems, or improper use of the user, etc., will have a great impact on the lamps.

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